SPECIAL Hornady die set in .308 Winchester

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  • Make:Hornady
  • Model:Special custom die set

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I have this custom-modified set of Hornady reloading dies to offer for sale.
The set comes with instructions, but sadly no storage case.
The set includes a new shellholder just to complete everything.
The primary die (left) is used to full-length resize a fired case, as well as to decap it & re-expand the neck diameter to hold a bullet firmly.
The middle die is a "neck size die" ONLY (is used instead of the F.L.S. dies) meaning it only resizes the neck diameter ..... NOT the case body. This die is usually considered a "special extra" for use by advanced reloaders seeking to create more accurate reloads.
The third die ..... the bullet seating die (right) is fitted with a Hornady micrometer adjustment plunger. This is a "custom extra feature" not included with standard die sets. This feature allows very fine & easy adjustment of bullet seating depths & is easily repeatable as well. This die can be adjusted to neck-crimp also should the demand be required. (The instructions explain this critical adjustment.)
All dies are in excellent condition, inside & out. No parts are missing.

Asking price INCLUDES postage within Australia.

Date Listed: 19/11/2021


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