• Make:Custom
  • Model:Custom
  • Action Type:Semi Automatic
  • Calibre:.38 Super

22 Repeater

  • Make:Lithgow Small Arms
  • Model:Model 12
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.22 LR


  • Make:Remington700
  • Model:Varmint
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.243 Winchester


  • Make:RUGER
  • Action Type:Bolt
  • Calibre:.22 LR

Various Projectiles, Cases etc.

  • Make:Hornady
  • Model:Hornady, ADI, Jagemann

Colt 1851 Buscadero Rig

  • Make:Various
  • Model:Various

38 Super 1911 Custom Action Match Open Gun

Custom Custom

For sale is a custom 38 Super 1911 Open Gun. I have included plenty of photos as they tell the best story. Gun is put together with NRA Action match in mind so includes a mover mount as well as barricade wings. photo shows the extensive custom work on this gun and it is an absolute pleasure to shoot. Includes a couple of magazines however a set of eight Tripp Cobra mags are available separately (POI). Please note the red dot sight is not part of the sale. Also comes with Race holster.

  • Make:Various
  • Model:Various
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Great Australian Outddors

Issue 4 - Out Now!

We accentuate our great outdoors with 194 pages of ‘destination, exploration and conservation.’ A whole gamut of destinations have been explored, covering all compass points around this vast island. The plight of wildlife is put under the microscope in our extensive foray into conservational issues. And if you are planning an ambitious travel itinerary, there are tips to take on board among a raft of feature articles. Any trek is best carried out on a full stomach so there are various appetising stop-off pointers in this volume. We have every option covered – from the humble but hearty offerings of the nation’s iconic pie shops to gourmet game recipes in an award-winning cookbook. Explorers, eco-friendly administrators, culinary pioneers and enduring travellers all pop up as you meander through what should undoubtedly be an engrossing read.


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